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About this project

I’m a one-woman film crew and this project is very dear to my heart. Please help me continue to tell this important human rights story.

Also, April is National Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

In this documentary, 11 North Carolinians, current and former sex workers and/or advocates, share their experience with the common goal of reducing violence perpetrated against sex workers. Sex workers often do not report crimes committed against them because they do not want to incriminate themselves; criminalization of sex work protects the perpetrators. What types of violence do sex workers experience? What can sex workers do to avoid violence? What else can be done to make sex work safer?

This first video was created in six weeks in partnership with the North Carolina Harm Reduction Coalition. Funding has run out, however.

Help me create new footage showing these and other current and former sex workers in their daily lives, facing the challenges they discuss in the interviews, and to continue to edit extant footage to address sub-topics such as the philosophy behind decriminalization of sex work, using communication to avoid violence, condom use for sex workers, and transitioning out of sex work if one chooses to do so.

I recently received feedback on this work from MediaStorm’s Eric Maierson, which, when implemented, will greatly help to finesse the project. I also recently began doing volunteer work for the Duke Center for Documentary Studies, which will put me in touch with master filmmakers who can give me further direction on this work.